Message from ICAN

A few weeks ago, the first session of the negotiations of a treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons was held at the United Nations in New York.

The first session was a great success and we believe there is a significant possibility that governments could adopt a treaty at the end of the next session in July.

We want to share with you our report from the work that ICAN did in New York during the negotiations. Read it here!

Based on the discussions in March, a draft treaty text will be released by the President in the coming month. The negotiations will resume at the United Nations in New York on 15 June and by 7th July we might have a treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons.

Keep following the progress of the negotiations on our twitter account, through our live blog, and on Facebook.

This is a really exciting moment and we want to thank you for all the support and work throughout the years. Governments would not have made it this far without pressure from civil society around the world, and we are going to need to keep the pressure up in the coming months

The ICAN Team

P.S. We’re about to ban nuclear weapons, how cool is that?



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