Negotiations on a nuclear weapons ban treaty will begin at the United Nations on March 27. The Australian Government hasn’t yet indicated whether it will participate. It’s time to ramp up our efforts to show our government that we fully expect them to participate in and support the negotiations.

Do you belong to a religious institution or faith group? Will your group consider endorsing our Australian Interfaith Appeal?

“As people of faith, we understand the gift of life that nuclear weapons are designed to destroy. Nuclear weapons are incompatible with our religious values, moral principles and international humanitarian law. We have an obligation to address this paramount peril.”

Read the Australian Interfaith Appeal here. This appeal will be presented to the Australia government ahead of negotiations for a nuclear ban treaty in March 2017.

Please confirm you group’s or organisation’s endorsement by emailing

More information: ICAN, ‘Nuclear ban treaty negotiations in 2017’, Dec 15, 2016.


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