Disarming Times

Disarming Times Vol 42 No 2  ICAN Australia’s views on the first draft of the UN nuclear weapons ban treaty

Disarming Times Vol 42 No 1 LENT 2017 – REFLECTION FOR ASH WEDNESDAY –  PROCLAIM A FAST! by Marie Dennis Pax Christi International Co by Marie Dennis Pax Christi International Co-President

Disarming Times Vol 41 No 4  Trump Victory Spells Trouble but also exciting, unimagined opportunities, Joseph Camilleri

Disarming Times Vol 41 No 1 No to Mining, Yes to Life – Palaysin ‘Go Away –  Reprinted form ‘Just Comment,” the Journal of the Edmund Rice Centre

Disarming Times Vol 40 No 4 Terrorism and the Politics Hegemony Chandra Muzaffar

Disarming Times.Vol 40 No 1   Anzac 2015 Where to Now? Harry Kerr

Disarming Times Vol 39 No 4.  Is a Vulnerable World Teetering on the Edge of a New Dark Age?  Joseph Camilleri

Disarming Times Vol 39. No.3 LEO’S FUNERAL Homily at the funeral of Leo Seemanpillai Fr Pancras Jordan O.P. St Mary of the Angels Church, Geelong

Disarming Times Vol 39. No 2 ANZAC DAY SPEECH THE HON PETER UNDERWOOD AC, GOVERNOR OF TASMANIA,The Cenotaph, Hobart, Friday 25th April 2014

Disarming Times Vol 39. No 1 EMPTINESS, OTHERNESS AND IDENTITY, AN AUSTRALIA DAY REFLECTION by Wes Campbell An exploration of the themes of emptiness, otherness and identity with reference to a new sense of a filled Land resulting from renewed acquaintance with Aboriginal dreaming and Spirit

Vol 38. No 4 “It’s time to stop this madness” – Philippines plea at UN climate talks

Vol 38. No 2 International Delegation to Syria Report by Mairead Maguire

Vol 38. No 1 Eulogy in honour of Michael Henry 28 March 1936 – 22 February 2013 Delivered by Joseph Camilleri at the funeral service Ss Peter & Paul Catholic Church, South Melbourne Friday, 1 March 2013

Vol 37. No 5 Athens Dialogue On Establishing in the Middle East A Zone Free of Weapons of Mass Destruction and their Means of Delivery

Vol 37. No 4 Athens Dialogue On Establishing in the Middle East A Zone Free of Weapons of Mass Destruction and their Means of Delivery

Vol 37. No 3 US forces in Australia: 2012 Fact Sheet prepared by Medical Association for Prevention of War, Based on an article “US military in the Asia Pacific” By Professor Richard Tanter in ARENA Magazine May 2012

Vol 35. No 3 – Losing in Afghanistan: By Marjorie Cohn * Whatever we are trying to do in Afghanistan, it isn’t working . . .

Vol 35. No 2 Nuclear Non Proliferation Review Conference (NPT)

Vol 34. No 4 Afghanistan: The Unstable Strategic Bridge By Professor Amin Saikal

Vol 34. No 3 The Enemy can cut down the flower, but nothing can stop the coming of the spring. Malalai Joya

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116.5: Majuro Declaration
216.4: Sanctions
316.3: Climate Justice
416.2: Palm oil - the 'threat' in our shopping trolley
516.1: Jeju Island - assault on island of peace
615.3: Cocos Islands - US bases?
715.2: Austerity: 'Trickle-down cruelty'
815.1: Famine: a Man-Made Tragedy
914.3: Riots - the Language of the Unheard
1014.2: Insidious Violence - Depleted Uranium Weapons
1114.1: Disaster Capitalism
1213.8: Murray-Darling - environmental & social tight-rope
1313.7: Consensual democracy vs conflictual democracy
1413.6: West Papua - colonisation alive & well
1513.5: Climate change - still a great moral challenge
1613.4: First peoples, first priority, what priority?