AGM Convenors Report 2016

To Pax Christi Australia (NSW) members and friends – We are in the Easter season. It is a time that many people reflect on the stones and walls that people erect in our world against others whether they be refugees and asylum seekers, people of colour, Indigenous people, lesbian and gay people and all those in between, the poor and victims of war. AGM-Convenor’s Report 2016

PAX CHRISTI AUSTRALIA MEDIA STATEMENT: 30 OCTOBER 2016:Proposed legislation to ban boat people from entering Australia


Pax Christi Australia is part of International Christian peace movement with branches in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland and individual members throughout Australia.

Members are involved in peace efforts in the fields of demilitarisation and security, human rights, ecology, development, economic justice and reconciliation.

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“Pax Christi Peace Stories”, the Pax Christi International’s blog, aims to be a special forum where selected voices within our international movement reflect and share their experiences as peacemakers. It is a blog dedicated to feature peace voices around us... More, it is an effort to encourage us to pay more attention to those existing peace voices.

These stories allow readers to connect and gain insight into Pax Christi’s mission of creating cultures of peace and reconciliation. They are little windows open to share peace stories with all those eager to listen to the good news that peace is possible.

We need more peace storytelling and we need to pay more attention to peace storytellers. We deserve to have peace storytelling in our lives, as well. But more importantly, as peacemakers, we have also a vocation to share peace stories. We need to make peace storytelling pervasive!

José Henríquez,
Secretary-General of Pax Christi International

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