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  • Front group with Pax Christi's Fr Claude Mostowik, Palm Sunday Rally and March in Sydney 25 March 2018


17 October 2018 – Pax Christi Australia (NSW) Convenor’s Report

The October Report includes news on the following:

  • Launch of Social Justice Statement at Cathedral Hall in Parramatta on 6 September with links to addresses by Bishop Vincent Long, Jack De Groot and Netty Horton;
  • MSC Conference: Orientation Day for Delegates (11 September) followed by Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Conference comprising three days (12, 13 and 14 September);
  • Attendance at Aboriginal Reconciliation Church in La Perouse (18 September);
  • World Day of Prayer for Peace at Parramatta Mission (21 September) and much more!

13 October 2018 – Fair Treatment Campaign launched in Sydney with Sir Richard Branson

The Fair Treatment Campaign, a church-led coalition that is lobbying the NSW government to decriminalise drugs, was launched at a Sydney Town Hall event on 12 October 2018. The keynote speaker at the launch was Sir Richard Branson who has been a long term advocate for ending the war on drugs. The campaign is backed by 60 organisations, including the Law Society of NSW, the NSW Bar Association, and the NSW branch of the Health Services Union. Read more about the campaign here.

7 October 2018 – No Friend But The Mountains

When John Minns asked me to help launch No Friend But The Mountains in Canberra I was honoured, because I was aware of Behrouz Boochani’s journalistic work in The Saturday Paper. Now that I have read the book I am humiliated. This work is a searing judgement on the nation of Australia. It strips away our self- righteous claims to humanity and exposes our pretensions and hypocrisy. (Paul Bongiorno, Pearls and Irritations, October 2, 2018). Read more … 

28 September 2018 – Pax Christi Australia (NSW) Convenor’s Report

The September Report describes how representatives of human rights groups went to the Philippine Consulate-General Office in Sydney to protest the imminent deportation of Professor Gill Boehringer. The groups represented were Action for Peace and Development in the Philippines (APDP), Philippine Australian Union Links (PAUL), Migrante Australia, International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines (ICHRP), Association to Defend Freedom & Human Rights in Iran – Australia, GABRIELA Australia, Lingap Migrante, Philippines- Australia Women’s Association (PAWA), Pax Christi Australia, Missionaries of the Sacred Heart Justice and Peace Centre (Australia), and Migrante Southwest. Read more …

13 September 2018 – Pakistan: National Commission for Justice and Peace congratulates new government in Pakistan

General elections were held in Pakistan on Wednesday 25th July, 2018. As a result of elections 2018, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has become the single largest political party of Pakistan, winning a plurality in the National Assembly 138 seats out of 272. Read more …

7 September 2018 – Dialogue in a Deeply Fractured World by Joseph Camilleri OAM

Dialogue is needed in international affairs to engage with the other in a common search for truth. Commonality makes dialogue possible while difference makes it essential. (Joseph Camilleri, Australian Institute of International Affairs). Read more …

2 September 2018 – Catholic Support for War: Another Child Abuse Scandal

The Church cannot condemn child abuse by pedophiles and yet bless the government’s murder of children in its wars, if it wants to be consistent and faithful to Christ. (Brian Terrell/Common Dreams). Read more …

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