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  • Front group with Pax Christi's Fr Claude Mostowik, Palm Sunday Rally and March in Sydney 25 March 2018


7 September 2018 – Dialogue in a Deeply Fractured World by Emeritus Professor Joseph Camilleri OAM

Dialogue is needed in international affairs to engage with the other in a common search for truth. Commonality makes dialogue possible while difference makes it essential. (Joseph Camilleri/Australian Institute of International Affairs). Read the full article …

2 September 2018 – Catholic Support for War: Another Child Abuse Scandal

The Church cannot condemn child abuse by pedophiles and yet bless the government’s murder of children in its wars, if it wants to be consistent and faithful to Christ. (Brian Terrell/Common Dreams). Read more …

21 August 2018 – Pax Christi Australia (NSW) Convenor’s Report August 2018

The Pax Christi Convenor’s Report prepared by Fr Claude Mostowik includes information about meetings with the Inter-Congregational Voice on Climate Change for the Pacific. This is a group of Catholic Religious Congregations with historical and ongoing involvement among peoples in Pacific Island nations in the areas of education, health, community development and climate justice. The group participated in a Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade (Foreign Affairs and Aid Sub Committee).

A letter was delivered to Philippine Consul-General for President Rodrigo Duterte. The letter implores the President to rescind the deportation order for Sr Patricia Fox. Read more …

15 August 2018 – Senator Pat Dodson’s response to Fraser Anning’s maiden speech

In his maiden speech, Katter’s Australian Party senator Fraser Anning called for an end to Muslim immigration and a return to the White Australia policy. Below is part of Pat Dodson’s response:

I wasn’t intending to say anything, and I won’t say anything that will be better than what my leader has said on this side of the house, but I am impressed by the fact that Australians can come together when we see things not up to the standard that we expect and that we try to inculcate into our society, and we ask others who carry the banners forward on our sporting fields and other places to stand up against ignorance, racism, bias and bigotry. It’s a gratifying moment to see the parliament, and particularly this chamber, come as one, as it were. My recollection of this was previously when Senator Brandis was in here and spoke very strongly against an action taken by one of the senators.

We are a democracy. It is important that people say what they want to say in this place. But they’ve got to have responsibility. (Sen Pat Dodson/Hansard). Read more…

8 August 2018 – New Zealand: Pax Christi Aotearoa-New Zealand releases statement on New Zealand ratifying the Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons

Recently, New Zealand became the 14th state to ratify the Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons. Pax Christi Aotearoa-New Zealand, our member organisation in New Zealand, issued the following statement upon ratification:

Pax Christi Aotearoa New Zealand has been a strong advocate against the possession, testing and use of nuclear weapons since our beginnings in the mid 1980s. This has included our strong support for ICAN Aotearoa New Zealand (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons), one of many organisations that have rallied the New Zealand government to formally ratify the Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons on the 31st July 2018. New Zealand signs as the 14th State to have ratified the treaty… (Pax Christi International). Read more …

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