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  • Rally at Electro Optic Systems Head Office, Elizabeth Street, Sydney August 8, 2019

    This rally takes place every second Thursday of the month in opposition to their support for Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates in the war on Yemen. Notes from Fr Claude Mostowik’s speech: In the eyes of some war making is sacrosanct. Pope Francis: Countries that sell arms have no right to talk about peace. […]

  • No ! to US Missiles in Australia !Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) Media Release

    MEDIA RELEASE               FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 6th August 2019 No ! to joining the U.S. in a battle with China ! “The suggestion that the Northern Territory should be host to American intermediate-range missiles, floated by U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, at the recent AUSMIN conference in Sydney […]

  • Pope Francis welcomes 2019 with World Day of Peace message

    “Bringing peace is central to the mission of Christ’s disciples. That peace is offered to all those men and women who long for peace amid the tragedies and violence that mark human history,” stated Pope Francis at the beginning of the message.  Read More here

  • Raising the West Papuan Flag

    Last Friday, for the hopes of the Indigenous West Papuan people, its flag, with the Morning Star, was raised at Leichhardt Town Hall, and flew all the weekend. In West Papua this is a dangerous activity, unlike raising the Australian flag or even the Aboriginal one, here in Australia. More than 300 West Papuans were […]

  • Five Reasons to Support a Total Ban of Nuclear Weapons Today

    The date, September 26, is the United Nations’ International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. One year has now passed since the historic adoption of an international treaty which aims to make these weapons illegal. In an article published by Greenpeace International on September 26 this year, Jen Maman provides five reasons as […]

  • New Zealand ratifies the Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons

    Recently, New Zealand became the 14th state to ratify the Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons. Pax Christi Aotearoa-New Zealand, our member organisation in New Zealand, issued the following statement upon ratification: Pax Christi Aotearoa New Zealand has been a strong advocate against the possession, testing and use of nuclear weapons since our beginnings in the […]

  • Australia Must Sign the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty

    Message for Foreign Minister Julie Bishop MP   A historic global agreement was reached at the United Nations headquarters in New York on Friday, July 7, 2017 when 122 nations adopted a treaty to ban nuclear weapons. Known officially as the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, it will acquire legal force once 50 nations […]

  • Women’s March to Ban the Bomb – Parramatta Park, 17 June 2017

    The following speech was given by Maggie Galley at the Women’s March to Ban the Bomb in Parramatta Park on 17 July 2017 Good afternoon – I would like to acknowledge that we are on Aboriginal land: always was, always will be. I am here because I am a mother and grandmother and I hate […]