Our Spirituality

Pax Christi Australia believes that our commitment to peace places us in a long tradition of people who have dreamed of a new heaven and a new earth where:

  • Mercy and truth have met;
  • Justice and peace have embraced;
  • The integrity of creation is celebrated in freedom and the walls of separation are dissolved in compassion and solidarity;
  • Human dignity and unity are honoured and we live and die as a blessing to each other.

Our confidence in our dream is founded in a deeper spirituality which believes that the weak things of this world can confound the strong, and that which is not, can not reduce to nothing that which is.

Together with the prophets of our age we renounce all structures of violence and injustice and make common cause with all those who are committed to the sacredness of all life, respect the dignity of the human person and the value of different cultures and civilisations.