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Aboriginal Theology and Anthropology and Just Ecological and Sustainable Peace @ Kildara
Oct 20 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Presenter: Naomi Wolfe Lecturer Faculty of Education and Arts

Naomi is an Aboriginal who grew up in Tasmania. She encourages a collaborative learning between Aboriginal and non Aboriginal staff and students at the University to  break down barriers, destroy stereotypes and to cultivate new relationships based on respect.

She has a professional and personal interest in Indigenous cross cultural training and awareness as well as Indigenous pedagogies and theology. Her personal interest in ancient and women’s history.

She is the Coordinator of Jim-baa-yer Indigenous Unit for Victorian campuses. She sees this as an opportunity to give something back to her community and use her skills to assist other Aboriginal people achieve their academic potential.

She is a founding board member of North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies an international community of First Nations Theology

Deepen your Cultural Awareness – Aboriginal knowledge from ancient to modern times. @ Reg Byrne/Karabi Community Centre
Nov 20 @ 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Learn more about Aboriginal culture from Jimmy Smith a wise educator and cultural practitioner.

  • How to live well on this land and care for its well being
  • People’s connection with plants, animals, time and place
  • Welcoming strangers and sharing wisdom
  • … and much more

Jimmy Smith is a Wiradjuri man from Sydney who hails from Erambie Mission close to Cowra NSW. With a Masters in education he has been teaching in formal and informal settings locally and overseas for over a decade.

He has deep knowledge of Aboriginal culture and a lifelong commitment to educate about and share its wisdom and to facilitate social change and personal wellbeing.

Jimmy is passionate about science and technology, including astronomy and traditional land usage.

For more information call Maria 9896 3839

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